About the service

Biletarium is the innovative product of the Russian team that competenced in tourism and IT industry. Biletarium ecosystem consists of:


National marketplace is a guide for museums and displays.


An innovative aggregation system of ticket information.


External plug-in devices for ticket validation.


System of applications for group visits for tour operators from all over the world.


Apps for Android and iOs.


API protocols and external gateway systems allow transmit content in real time.

If you are interested in exploring our ecosystem products, acquisition of technology licenses and have other technical issues, we are always ready for the communication. Contact us: info.biletarium@gmail.com

The Biletarium marketplace is a platform where museums of Russia and travel companies that provide services in museums post their offers. Tourists and tour operators from all over the world purchase services there.

The project is presented in the webform and mobile application on different platforms.

The system is focused on both individual travelers and organized groups of Russian and foreign tourists interested in visiting museums and displays of the Russian Federation.

The platform offers for individual travelers a convenient service for booking tickets and excursion services with instant booking confirmation and wide variety of safe payment system. After choosing categories of tickets to the museums, visitor pays for the order and receives a QR-code or BAR-code for the visit without the queue.

Biletarium provides museums and ticket suppliers a platform for promoting their services on Russian and international markets, as well as for selling tickets and excursion services.

Biletarium also offers option to purchase group tickets for tour operators working with large groups of Russian and foreign tourists. This option is available after the conclusion of the contract.

The project is entirely Russian development. It is intended to stimulate domestic and inbound tourism in Russia by providing museums and displays opportunity to e-commerce. Thereby tourists can purchase services of visit museums in convenient and profitable form.