Marketplace Biletarium is the platform where Russian museums (or travel companies that have agreement with museums) offer tickets and services, and tourists from all over the world acquire their services

What should I do with e -Ticket?

Pay your attention to the instruction attached to your ticket. There are 2 versions:
  • 1. Present your printed or screened e –Ticket at the control and pass the turnstiles
  • 2. Find our manager wearing the uniform Biletarium by the entrance and he will assist you to pass the turnstiles and receive additionally booked services.

Should I stay in the line?

  • 1. If you bought “skip the line ticket”, then you simply pass the turnstiles
  • 2. When you bought a simple e-Ticket, and then follow the ticket instruction that marks the assigned entrance.
  • 3. If you are able to screen the e-Ticket at the turnstile, then you wait just for the visitor in front of you in the line and pass the turnstiles

Whether receipt is my e-Ticket pass.

You are going to receive several notifications to your email box:
  • 1. Bank payment receipt is not the e-Ticket.
  • 2. The letter with e- Ticket and QR code or Bar-code is your e-Ticket that you can exchange with our manager at the entrance or screen your ticket at turnstiles.
  • 3. We save all your tickets saved in the Personal account section.

Can I change the ticket (its date or time)?

It is impossible to change the ticket, its date or time. You can only reimburse the ticket and purchase a new one.

If I bought the e -Ticket on your platform, can I get the refund at the museum ticket office?

Unfortunately, you cannot receive refund at the museum ticket office. Please, find the section reimbursement at the bottom of website. Click on the section and follow the instructions

I’m being late….can I enter the museum later? And when I arrive earlier whether they will let me in.

We always do our best to assist in these situations; still museums keep their right not to let you in before or after the assigned time. If you bought “skip the line’ ticket or you had instruction to meet our manager at the entrance, he/she may assist you.

If I bought the e-Ticket and another person replaced me, whether they let him in.

  • 1. When you filled out your personal data to buy the ticket, then it is not possible. Unfortunately, it depends on restrictions of museum located in different Russian regions.
  • 2. When you filled in only your email address for contact, then it is possible. You have to resend your BAR- or QR code to this person.

I have bought several tickets. Can I reimburse only one of them?

Reimbursement policy is individual and you can always find the information attached to your e-Ticket. When it is possible technically, you will be able to return the ticket back.

Can I buy the ticket for today?

If there are available tickets for the date “Today” on our platform, you can buy and receive them to your email box in 5-10 min